Freight Handling, Consolidation, Warehousing

A wide range of freight handling and management services

Our freight forwarding services include freight consolidation, short-term warehousing and other special freight handling services.

Freight packing and handling

We offer a variety of freight handling services for our local customers, from crating shipments to packaging the most delicate goods such as fine arts and specialty fabrics to handling bulky equipment and odd dimensional cargo.

Freight consolidation

We offer freight consolidation services, which often helps to reduce shipping and packaging costs, expedite freight movement, and reduce the risk of pilferage. If you routinely have multiple LTL shipments to the same area, we can help you reduce costs by consolidating shipments. If you typically have single LTL loads, we may be able to consolidate your shipment with others for maximum container utilization and cost savings.

Temporary warehousing

Sometimes our clients require short-term storage of their goods before delivery to their final destination. We can arrange for temporary warehousing for your freight, which sometimes results in cost savings. For example, we offer early evening pick-up from air freight carriers and transit to local warehouses for temporary storage to help you avoid high rents charged by airlines after a 24-hour hold. This is especially helpful when your air freight shipment arrives on Friday for delivery the following week.

Freight consolidation, short-term storage and other material handling services:

  • Flexible freight consolidation options for all types of freight
  • Cross-customer consolidation
  • Crating
  • Labeling
  • Packing
  • Palletizing
  • Odd dimensional cargo and delicate shipments
  • Temporary warehouse storage

Air Freight Shipping

Whether you have a small or large air freight shipment, need door-to-door or airport-to-airport service, we’re the forwarder to meet your needs. Our expert air freight forwarding team will ensure your air cargo gets delivered when and where you need it. We have longstanding relationships with trusted air freight carriers, which enables us to offer extremely competitive rates and reliable air freight shipping to destinations worldwide.

Ocean Freight Shipping

We have the experience and knowledge of ocean freight shipping to ensure that your sea freight is delivered to its final destination when and where you need it. We have longstanding relationships and alliances with reliable ocean shipping lines all over the world, together providing you the highest service levels at highly competitive prices. Whether you import or export, have full or partial container loads, Global Shipping Solutions is the international ocean freight forwarder to meet your needs.

Ground Transportation

We offer multiple ground shipping options depending on the size of your ground freight cargo, including FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less-than-truckload) service. We can also arrange for rail transport, if appropriate. Our longstanding relationships with highly reliable trucking companies enables us to provide you with excellent rates and on-time delivery time and time again.

We have specialized expertise in a wide range of industries

Since 1995, we’ve been providing reliable international freight forwarding and brokerage services to clients worldwide. During this time we have developed specialized expertise in many core vertical market sectors. Customers working in these industries rely on our experience and knowledge to ensure that their shipments are handled perfectly each and every time. Listed below are some of the core industries that we serve.

  • Electronics
  • Textile imports
  • Consumer products
  • Manufacturing parts
  • Medical devices
  • Scientific products
  • Antiques & delicate items


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