Laboratory Products Marketing

Digital marketing drives lead generation

Pall Laboratory is a large global supplier of membranes and filtration solutions designed for laboratory research, QA/QC, environmental and other applications. Our team has provided support with email marketing strategy, email content, design, and development. Our design team created an email template in alignment with the company’s visual identity guidelines, which made implementation of routine email campaigns fast and easy. We provided support with list segmentation, email sends, A/B testing, through to performance analysis.

The Marketing Now team was also brought on to guide Pall’s new transformative marketing team with the implementation of marketing automation, providing managed services and consulting while the client built an internal team to handle the function in house. The Pall team relied on our support to build and segment their marketing database, as well as implement email opt-in best practices that ensured compliance with GDPR and other anti-spam regulations.

Services provided:

  • Creative Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Automatoin

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